My First Web App, Part 2: I Was A Weird Kid

Image: Eight year old me (sitting) and my cousin when she was nine (standing). I believe this was a skit with songs that we inflicted on our parents.


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I’m a Creator. I love making things. Both as a kid and as an adult I’ve made poems, songs, skits, simple video games, and plans for how-to books. (I was a weird kid.)

As an adult add to that: unique performance art shows, new workshops, and businesses no one else has done before. (I’m an eccentric adult.)


I had tried making digital products before.

I have a little wasteland on my computer — no, a little… Dreamland! — of half-concocted ideas, courses, apps, and systems that I fully intended to make public some day. I even got as far as user testing a couple of them. (They failed said testing.)

In the Spring/Summer of 2016 I had about 5 ideas on the go that I was sure that, as soon as I did some market research, I would know which ones to finish. I didn’t know how to do market research though so I kept putting it off.


And then on July 14th, 2016, on that adorable, rickety, old Montreal apartment’s balcony with the plants, this web app concept happened. Read the first origin story. It didn’t matter to me that I hadn’t researched it. It didn’t matter to me that I hadn’t user tested it. It didn’t even matter to me if people wanted it. At that moment, I knew it had to happen. I needed it. I had a feeling in my heart that other people out there wanted and needed it too.

I began working on it obsessively for the next few months. It’s a simple little tool but it has a lot of details — user-wise and coding-wise.

What clinched the deal for me? What made me KNOW that I was going to finish this one and actually put it out into the world for real? How did the idea get validated and the obsession to complete it get lighted?


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