My First Web App, Part 3: Appsessed

Jill Binder appsessed

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As we saw in Part 1, one day I made a little tool to help me do tasks I was procrastinating on that I didn’t want to do.

In Part 2, we saw that I am a Creator type person and I had tried to make other products for people before. I had never launched any.

What changed? What made me KNOW that I was going to finish THIS one and actually put it out into the world? How did I get appsessed?


More specifically, I started showing it to some of them. I brought my laptop to my café hangouts with friends. I cornered people I knew and didn’t know at a tech conference. I called up folks back home on Skype. My process was I wouldn’t tell them anything about it, just ask them to spend 10 minutes to take a look, tell me what they thought it was, and give it a try.

This was such a vast difference from the couple of products I had user tested before.

Many people lit up when they used it. Most said it would be really great if I only changed this or that.

And so I started a process of appsessively testing, revising, testing, revising. I showed it to so many people.

By the last round it had achieved perfection. So I thought. Every single person had sparkle eyes for it, gushed over their favourite part, and asked when it would be ready.

This was the Fall of 2016. I thought it was ready.

Until …..the last person to test it……


To be continued…

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