Build A Website Workshop

Tuesday nights, June 13 – July 26, 2016
6pm – 8pm PT / 9pm – 11pm ET

Not a coder?

Whether you don’t have a site yet or you have one that you wish to restart from scratch, this is the place for you. No coding needed to make a basic website!

Why WordPress?

  • Easy interface to add, update, and move around content
  • Responsive
  • Lots of features
  • Huge community who love to help
  • It’s always evolving with technology and staying at the top of the curve

Two Kinds?

There are two kinds of WordPress: and We are going to create a website.

Read about both here:

If you are coming in with an existing, please speak with the instructor in advance to work out if the class is for you.
Making Basic Websites Without Coding: Please note that this does not cover highly customized design needs.

What We Will Cover:

  • We are going to walk through step-by-step together creating your site foundation.
  • The class and instructor will help you pick a great template design (theme). Anyone who has prior knowledge of CSS, the instructor can also show you where to put it to modify the design.
  • The two questions every website builder must consider.
  • We will walk through creating your menu structure, adding custom features, and setting up your custom domain so it doesn’t end in
  • Individual time to work on your site along with the help of classmates and the instructor.

You will need:

    • A computer that can handle working on a website and being on an online meeting at the same time
    • A good internet connection
    • A credit card in case you choose to do any upgrades to have a more polished and professional site (such as removing from your domain and removing ads).

Websites normally cost $1000 or more to hire a developer or take months to create on your own.

You will have your basic site completed in 7 two-hour evenings and for a fraction of the cost.

This workshop is:

  • Regular price $349
  • Special discount for the Brand Evolution Bootcamp weekend: $249


Tuesday nights, June 13 – July 26, 2016
6pm – 8pm PT / 9pm – 11pm ET




“I got to publish my own website in 2 days!”

Diane R.

“Incredibly organized and intuitive. Nice sized group to feel comfortable working with. I would absolutely recommend this course.”

Chris R.

“Knowledgeable and personable instructor. Casual format. Lots of individual working time!”

Sylvia C.

“I now have the confidence and skill to move forward on my own and build simple websites. I would recommend this course.”

Allanah M.

“The instructor was very patient and helpful. It was great to figure out if is the right choice for my business at this time.”

Amanda K.

“Lots of individual attention, very social atmosphere, and the instructor had seemingly endless patience!”  

Chloe L.

“Easy to follow guide for WordPress newbies.”

Kailani S.


Julie M.


Examples of past participant websites


Jill Binder was named one of the top 100 Influencers of WordPress in 2014 by Torque Magazine and one of the top 10 Women of WordPress by CloudWays. She’s been one of the main co-organizers of WordCamp Vancouver for several years.