About Me


  • I’m leading the Diverse Speaker Training group (#WPDiversity) in the WordPress.org Community Team sponsored by Automattic. We have a 4-hour workshop that encourages people from marginalized or underrepresented groups to speak at WordPress events. WordCamps typically start at 10% or fewer speakers of underrepresented groups, and within months of running the workshop, most have 50% or more speaker diversity!
  • In 2021, we are growing the #WPDiversity work to include two more programs for the WordPress community: Diverse Speaker Support and an Allyship program.
  • I have expanded to help more technologies with this impactful work. My business, Diverse In Tech, helps tech conferences and companies get more diverse voices on stage and in meetings with a proven system. Check out our 3-minute promo video.
  • Participants of my workshops self-report public speaking confidence scores increase of 60%! (In WordPress, our average is 20% because during the pandemic, many people took a one-hour version of the workshop rather than our full 5-hour version. 20% in one hour is amazing!)
  • Upcoming workshops
  • I was voted Runner-Up for the 2020 BraveIT Award! I was nominated for my work in empowering diverse speakers around the world. Read more about BraveIT and my journey in helping people from marginalized and underrepresented groups in tech on the former voting page here: https://web.tierpoint.com/braveit-award-2020-vote
  • I was the December 2019’s feature for People of WordPress on wordpress.org news.
  • I dabble sometimes in making website tools to help people be more awesome (thing.do) or do useful things (isthemovielikethebook.com).
  • Some of the other things I’m currently loving: introvert adventures, minimalism, art, piano, octopodes.
  • Before the pandemic, I was splitting my time between beautiful-loud Vancouver, BC and beautiful-quiet Vernon, BC. Now I’m squirreled away in our big apartment on a hill in Vernon.

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